Quick Shooting: The Best Of Ichika Himari


Aoi Ichikachan is very popular for her baby face and G-cup big tits, and this is the best of the best of her sexy scenes! She is blamed and blamed from various angles with her shiny and beautiful big tits swinging around from a spectacular vantage point! She enjoys a nice pussy crack with a receptive titjob, a foot job, and a thick vacuum blowjob! Enjoy her beautiful breasts, beautiful ass, and beautiful neckline!

User Reviews

Both of them are good combination of “Model Collection Ichika Aoi Ichika” from Ippondo and “Tsunaga Ikuchu – Big Tits Lolita Girl” from HEYZO… Ichika Aoi has a Lolita-like face and a slender body, but her 90cm G-cup boobs are magnificent when she gets poked from the back. She is a very shy girl, and her tongue flicks the penis in front of her eyes, which gives her a very innocent look!

Ichika has not appeared in 6 years. Is it the same coincidence as yesterday’s Hiromi? She was a promising young lady with a big belly and big tits and naturally thinning hair at the time of her debut, but she has only appeared in 2 movies and has been away for a while! This time, she is expected to show off her naked body by removing it early! She is a very pretty girl with big tits, and she is very pretty and beautiful! She is a little too short and short for my taste, but I appreciate it! She is naked and shaking her big tits as she shakes her hips in a cowgirl position, but when her pussy gets poked and prodded, she seems to be embarrassed or moved to put her hand over her mouth… The second one is similar and strangely adorable! She takes off her erotic lingerie and gets into a cowgirl position where she sucks cock, shakes her big tits, and shakes her hips! She is still feeling it when she gets poked with a short cock and she shyly puts her hand to her face! She is so shy that she puts her hand to her face! She was so satisfied and tired that she ended up exposing both of her pussies without cleaning them. She says again that her natural thinning hair is still there, but it’s too bad because the inside of her beautiful pussy is pink and beautiful! Shave the thinning hair! I don’t know when it was, but Ichika is still young and I’m looking forward to more of her work!

She has a loli face with gestures and speech that belies her mature and beautiful big breasts. The crevasse that extends from the pubic hair that remains slightly is erotic and cute. The tightness increases even if she moistens it plenty with her tongue and fingers. In the second half of the film, taken from HEYZO, the big tits and pussy protruding from the scarlet underwear are inviting. She moans loli when she is played around with. After being pulled out and continuously cummed inside, she says, “That was good, wasn’t it? Let’s do it again.