Alternated BJ And Insert 6 Mai Seta


Mai Seta, a neat and slender beauty, loves to suck and penetrate cocks! After giving Mai a big dildo and examining how she handles a cock, she then performs a blowjob on a real cock, making a lot of noise and making a lot of noise! During the sex, she also sucks a little bit and enjoys P to M (Pussy to Mouth) while having a thick cumshot sex! At the end, of course, she gives him a blowjob to clean up the cum and her own love juices! It’s the best!

Evaluation Comments

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Mai Seta says that she loves to suck and penetrate raw, and when she stares at your crotch with her big, round eyes, you hold your dick out in front of you and suck it as much as you want, then insert it raw as you wish. If you’re with her, you’re going to want to have sex that satisfies both of you!