The first affair trip with a MILF Hiromi Okura


An adulterous trip to a hot spring with Hiromi Okura, who is beautiful with a glamorous expression and fair skin! The whole scene is shown as she makes love with her friend at the inn! Hiromi enjoys her beautiful ass and cunnilingus on her beautiful pussy! She licks his cock and fucks him in the hot spring! After enjoying the easy-to-see penetration with their pie pans, they move to a hot spring for an adulterous couple’s periscope! They shoot their cum in their mouths so that it doesn’t spill into the hot tub! Please enjoy the unstoppable sexual desire of these beautiful MILFs!

User Reviews

It’s been 6 years since Hiromi’s last film, and I’m sure she was not happy with many of the films she distributed at that time. I thought she retired long time ago, but… If this is her latest work, she is already 30 years old! Her face is good in the photo, but her face looks like a human monster, Bella… I think she had a bad reputation along with her face because of the bruises around her manhood and buttocks at that time. This time, she’s shaved her head and has a nice pie pan, and she’s ready to go for it! Hot spring adultery trips are a staple of porn! Therefore, there is a difference in evaluation depending on the actress and the content! Until this time, I’m not satisfied with the content…. As usual, I wish the guys would stop with the eye mosaic! She is trying her best in the nude, but her slender body is too skinny, her beautiful breasts are fading, and her beautiful manhood is a little taut, but her firmness is not there, and she is not quite thirty yet! She takes off her yukata in the futon and inserts her cock into her pussy and pushes it hard and cum inside her. She is a hot spring flower in the bathtub! She sucks on her small tits and slides her pussy in and out for a long time, then sits on the edge of the bath and exposes her beautiful pussy for a long time! She finally finished off with a cock-fucking and a mouth-fucking! Iyashitei has been doing the same thing lately, but is it taboo to do it in the bathtub? No one has ever been able to get a man in the bathtub or out of the bathtub, and it’s a shame that this time is no different. The best part of a hot spring is playing with beautiful women in the bath and inserting and ejaculating inside of them! Hiromi, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, but I hope you will continue to devote yourself to your 30’s body!

Hiromi Okura, with big tits, a titjob, a handjob, oral sex, in a yukata, with a bath scene, and sex…it was really good.