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Maria Osawa, a slender, tall, beautiful girl, asked to see her face without makeup! Maria was shocked and disgusted when she heard that she was wearing no makeup, but she agreed when she was told that she would be treated to a high-class sushi dinner! Maria Osawa, a beautiful girl, shows her face for the first time! This is Maria’s first time to have sex with a bare bottom. She is shy, but her body responds, and she feels it as she is repeatedly pistoned over and over again, while producing a lot of naughty juices! Finally, she shoots her load all over Maria’s beautiful, smooth face! Oh, Maria, you are the best!

User Reviews

Maria Osawa I don’t think she’s completely clean, but she’s cute and has a nice body with large boobs and a pudgy ass. Her pussy seems to get wet easily, and I was very excited to see that she was really juicing all the time during sex, but I thought it was a bit of a waste that she ended up shooting herself in the face instead of cumming inside.