Ryo Ikushima Yuuna Hoshizaki Sexy Actress Special Edition


This gorgeous special edition features Ryo Ikushima, a beautiful piano instructor with a nice body, and Yuna Hoshizaki, an H-cup bombshell! The first half of the movie is “If Ryo Ikushima was my wife! Ryo spends her days doing naughty things and loving lovemaking while Yuna does the housework! In the second half, Yuna Hoshizaki, an H-cup bombshell, comes for a massage! Her tits almost spilling out of her bodycon suit are a must-see! Yuna’s nipples are stimulated with an electric pie, which makes her feel good, and she gives a powerful blowjob after her special pie-slice! She invites you to join her by posing for penetration! She invites him to enter her!

User Reviews

Ryo Ikushima has an ideal body balance, and Yuna Hoshizaki has too big tits, and her blowjob and pie-slapping are very powerful.